Information about Seven Spirit Bay


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Part of the Aboriginal Arnhem Land, The Cobourg Peninsula is situated in the Northern Territory Australia, one of the world's most brilliant tropical areas. Seven Spirit Bay is located in this treasured haven where entry is extremely limited and by permit only. To receive permission to visit this large ancestral land, you must be granted a special permit by the Tribal Elders. This can be arranged by the lodge and it is an exclusive privilege given to those who understand the calling to revive the spirit of the wilderness.


You start this journey in a light aircraft from Darwin over Van Diemens Gulf to the Cobourg Peninsula . This 45 minute scenic flight will then take you to the remote wilderness region of Seven Spirit Bay . You will be greeted by your host when you arrive at Vashon Head, Midjari private airstrip and then be taken to the lodge by a safari vehicle.


There is more to the area than just parks that preserve a montage of dunes, marine life, sea grass meadows, sandy beaches, dunes, coastal grasslands, rainforests, swamps, mangroves, lagoons and coral reefs. This area also boasts an interesting history, both modern and ancient. Aboriginals have been living in the area for over 40 000 years and the Parks are shared amongst four tribes the Agalda, Muran, Madjunbalmi and Ngaindjagar. With spiritual links to the land and sea, these clans believe that their ancestors from the Dreamtime created all this magnificence. You will be inspired and uplifted as you set foot on spiritual ground, just as custom tribes did before you. Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Resort allows you to truly experience the best of what the land has to offer as well give you the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Learn about the interesting environment or simply unwind, dine and spoil yourself at the resort. Your vacation is yours to create!

Location of Seven Spirit Bay